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Does anyone know what average it takes to be accepted into this program? Low 80s?
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Your guidance counselor should have given you this site or you were just too ignorant to use it or do some research about your own future
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Yeah the former didn't happen. Grade range is "low 80s" as I guessed. So someone with even an 81% Top 6 would probably get in?
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I'm currently in this program and basically a low 80s is the general consensus. It's not too difficult to get in, since the humanities program is really broad. You could basically apply for any subject and get in first and it's simply about choosing the courses you want. Some courses do have requirements or auditions though, so watch out for that. Most of the general, obscure courses can get you into the general program. Just make sure you get at least an 80, a 79.9 might even cut it close lol.
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