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U of T SPF!

A photo of Onionlol Onionlol
Is there a final submit key of SPF?? I just finished all sections and didnt find a final submit key.Also, the JOIN U of T site shows they have not recieved my SPF and engneering fee yet. Im so worried now, because the dead line Feb 16th has passed.Does anyone know this??
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A photo of iRamie iRamie
UofT SPF is sooo unnecessary they probably don't even read all the sh*t on there..
Waterloo's was short and simple.
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A photo of WaterfallOfDestiny WaterfallOfDestiny
You could have called the engineering admissions' office yesterday if you were concerned. They'll be out of the office until Tuesday because of the long weekend. There's no point asking us on this forum whether or not U of T received your SPF and fee.

@iRamie: I beg to differ. U of T wanted one essay from me; Waterloo asked for 7.
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