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U of T Spring Break Open House

A photo of queens queens
I am sorry that I couldn't go as not in town. Gateful if someone could share their findings and feelings about U of T Engsci about their professors, students and facilties?
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A photo of LRooke LRooke
'Twas decent. The head professor's good, and the guy who teaches Praxis's a riot. The students do say that it's a challenging course and that you really don't have much time to relax if report writing isn't your thing. Ask me for specifics! I need to jog my memory.
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A photo of queens queens
Any major points to carry away from any presentations, like how to get ready this summer, residence suggestion, clubs, study groups, Engsci clubs, any live demonstrations ....

sorry for the long list of questions....
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A photo of KJ9234 KJ9234
The event was very fun and they had alot of people avaliable to talk to... They toured us through New and Innis (I personally think that Innis is way nicer!). During the two hour presentation they introduced us to the program.. then they toured the students through some of the Bayhen building (the parents stayed behind and asked questions.. my parents said it was alot about when offers would be sent out). We also had the chance to talk to some current engsci students and hear about the clubs. They did not really mention anything about how to prepare for the summer.
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