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U of T Transcripts (BC Students)

A photo of Zion Zion
I sent my up-to-date transcript (including final first semester marks) about a week ago, and they've received it. But the site says, "Transcript received to date is incomplete. A decision will be be made once we receive a complete transcript showing mid-term grades for ALL current Grade 12 courses."

The deadline for required documents is April 30th, which is about the same time I'll know my marks for third term (or second semester mid-terms). I e-mailed them, but I might not get a response for a month.

Do I send a new transcript in like a week before the deadline, even though it won't have my official mid-term grades for second semester? It seems like U of T doesn't understand the concept of early admission.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I did.
But I actually go to a linear school, so I have 3 terms instead of semesters.
I sent them my transcript in mid-January and they received it just last week,
but the thing is, the transcript only shows my term 1 marks since my second term doesn't end till mid-March, but I sent it anyways.
I e-mailed them and asked if I needed to somehow send my term 2 mid-term marks too..
and the reply was so useless..
Basically told me "send a transcript with up-to-date mid-term marks blah blah blah" or send a report with official mid-term marks that is signed by a school official..
I have interim reports for my mid-term, so I could send that.
But I checked on the U of T portal site and even though my transcript only had my first term marks, it was still complete and under review.
So, send them an e-mail and just wait, nothing else you can really do.
Or just send them another report card once you get one to be on the safe side..
Or an interim report would be best if you have one..
They will get your marks through the PSI in April anyways.
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A photo of Zion Zion
Thanks for the reply.

It sounds like I submitted the same thing as you but mine says "incomplete." Hopefully they can clear it up in the e-mail. I guess I'll just have to submit another as close to the deadline as possible then. I don't think I'll have my next report card till after the deadline though.

I thought I wouldn't have to worry about this cause I was applying for early admission. Good thing I'm probably not going there. :bball:
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