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A photo of h3jk5h h3jk5h
I am trying to decided which college to apply to at U of T (number 1 choice). I am asian and I heard there are a lot of nerds in Trinity and most of the students are white. I am worried that I won't fit in if I go there. And is it very important to choose the right college because you will be meeting life long friends at the college residence?

Thanks in advance.
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A photo of Zion Zion
If you're Asian, you'll fit in anywhere at U of T.
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A photo of sevenzeroz sevenzeroz
Yeah I heard the opposite actually. I heard there are tons of asians at UofT and it is really competitive in terms of job placements and stuff.
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A photo of kraken kraken
don't worry, there are LOTS of asians at Trin :)
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A photo of HeroOfCanton HeroOfCanton
Asian here, hopefully going to be at Trinity next year. Don't sweat it, you'll probably have at least a few fellow Asians on residence, and you could always join a club. Maybe even socialize outside of your ethnicity, too.
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A photo of kraken kraken
trust me, half of Trin is Asian, and those of us who aren't welcome diversity in our social groups! (as long as you speak English to us, because we mostly don't know Mandarin, Korean etc.)
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