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U of T:M Questions...

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Yes I know this is kind of late but I was wondering if anyone has some information about UTM Commerce.

I was rejected by U of T Rotmans at least a month ago, only to get an alternate offer to UTM Commerce today. And yes, Everything on OUAC and OSAP I've already done aimed for Ryerson University. Bad timing. I still want to go to Ryerson, but UTM is still a viable option, so...

1. What is the average tuition for each year?

2. What is the required mark for pre requisites, and your average, so your offer is not revoked?
(I haven't been doing my Calculus and Vectors, I would be very lucky to pass with a low 70).

3. Public transit?

4. What is this deal I hear about getting a BA degree and a Bcom degree? I remember reading that only the best, and a limited amount, of students can get the Bcom? Is this true?

5. How big/small is it in comparison to the St George campus?
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1. 1st year is 6.5k. upper years are 13k (per year)
2. you cant let prerequisites drop below 70. overall avg more than 5%
3. free mississauga transit u-pass for the year
4. 300 spots for bcomm each year. you need to get a high gpa to get in. regardless if your guarenteed or not. this year was 3.0, last year was 2.75
5. utm is about 12k students. st.george is about 60k students. so in other words, small.
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