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U Waterloo(@ St. Jerome's)French Teaching Specialization vs Queen's Concurrent French/Ed

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The dilemma is that I had been accepted to Waterloo for it's French Teaching program,and just yesterday Queen's had told me that they would send me an offer to Concurrent Ed(I had been on the waitlist). What do you think is a better option?

At Waterloo (St. Jerome's), they have a small homey atmosphere, the program guarantees an exchange to France in 3rd year, and saves a spot at Nipissing for the Education component.I visited both campuses, and both were okay.. My dad attended Waterloo, as did 3 of my teachers this semester, and they all say good things about it.For more detail, look here(http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/ARTS-Hon-French-French-Teaching-Specialization)

My only concern is that Waterloo does not offer so much in terms of school spirit, tradition, and student activities as Queen's, which is important to me.

At Queen's, they have a highly prestigious and selective program, an absolutely beautiful campus by the lake, a program that guarantees more practicum time, a possibility for exchange to France, and an active and spirit-filled campus atmosphere. My mum attended Queen's and absolutely loved it. For more detail here, look at (http://www.queensu.ca/calendars/education/Concurrent_Education_Program.html)

My only concern this way is that I paid a non-refundable $500 deposit on a room at Waterloo residence, and have filled out the papers already for scholarships and such there, and it might be more tricky to back out of it if I choose Queen's. And my dad is putting a lot of pressure on me to pick Waterloo.

Really, I can't complain with this kind of choice, both programs are awesome. But I would love to get some feedback and opinions. I have until June 13 to make my final choice.

EDIT- I now have until June 17 to decide
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