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U Windsor pre-med

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Hey everyone,

I've been keeping my eye on these forums for awhile now, but I can't seem to get any opinions on U of Windsor, in particular for it's Biology program. That said, is anybody going to Windsor or considering going to Windsor? I know it's definitely not as prestigious as Life Sciences at U or Toronto, or Biomedical Sciences at Western, but there seems be a lot of hate for Windsor.

What I'm interested in is what is your opinion of Windsor, and why would somebody want to, or not want to go there for a pre-medical undergraduate? Apart from campuses and college life and residencies and prestige, I'm looking more at the pure academics, why would going to Windsor for Biology be significantly different than Toronto, or Mac, or Queen's or Western? I'm not looking for a graduate in Biology, I want to pursue a health profession in some form, so it's lack of highly specialized upper year courses isn't as much of an issue. It has all the core science courses one would need for a pre-med undergraduate, also it's Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuroscience double Bio/Psych major looks really interesting, so why would going to Windsor be as dismal as it's been made out to be?

Also, I've looked at Wayne State, and it does have the Good Neighbor Policy, but it looks like the Biology course selection is virtually the same as Windsor's, and it has way more humanities and social science degree requirements, I think about 8 non-science courses are mandatory, as opposed to the 4 arts/languages or social science courses you have to take at Windsor. So what's to say a Biology degree at Wayne State is any better/worse than one from Windsor?

Any opinions for or against U of Windsor would be really helpful, because it seems that nobody thinks very highly of Windsor, but there's never a specific reason why. So thanks in advance for any replies, it's greatly appreciated.
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The thing is, if you're 'med school or bust' and you do indeed 'bust', a UWindsor degree isn't very good, especially if it's in something like Biology. If you're in Engineering (Automotive), for example, and are looking for a job in Detroit with the companies over there, then you're in decent shape I guess. So, I think that's the major drawback. You could argue that a BS degree from Western doesn't get you very far either and you would be correct. But if you're at a school like Toronto and you find out that premed isn't your thing after first year, you can always transfer into a different department (Business, etc.) and be all set. Windsor doesn't really have any big draws in terms of other programs although the Kinesiology program (so I've been told) is very good.

Also, I don't know if a school like Windsor has enough resources for premeds. I'm talking about research, great premed advising, clubs, etc. I get the sense that Windsor is a commuter school, so it may be lacking in those aspects.

Another thing that people frown upon about Windsor is the location. Of course there is the casino and there are strip clubs, but seriously, that's not everyone's cup of tea. Personally, I like a school with lots of school spirit (ie. Western), great location (ie. Toronto), great resources for students (ie. Western, Mac, Toronto, etc.), and somewhere where I'd enjoy studying for 4 years. Windsor doesn't fit the bill in any of those ways. However, it may for someone else.

Oh, and the profs suck. I've heard many stories of profs that barely speak English.

I can post some pros though:
-less competition for grades (than a school like UofT)
-save some money
-friends might be going there

I live in the Southern ON area, so these aren't rumors or anything. I'm trying to be fair in judging and helping you out. You seemed to be more interested in the cons, so I focused on those and expanded on them.
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I don't think Windsor is particularly bad as a pre-med route, it's just that it's not the "best" either. The quality of education may be lower because they don't have as much money as more renown schools (U of T, Queen's, Mac etc) to hire profs that are innovators in their field. You may have grad students teaching courses rather than profs with a MD and PhD.
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Hi there,

I attend the University of Windsor and although the initial reason for me coming here was because I am from Windsor originally, I have loved these past 4 years. I am not in the biology program, however, I have taken many science classes as options and have had great experiences in all of them. The professors that I have had (and most likely ones you will have) have all been very knowledgable, understandable and approachable. Surely I can't generalize my experience to all students in the Biology program at Windsor since, like I said, I did not take that program but you have to remember that no matter where you go there will always be a few bad apples. I feel that it would be hard to say that Windsor has more bad profs than any other school you would find on Ontario or even Canada.

Going back to Windsor as an option for a pre-med program, I have a friend who has just graduated from Windsor with a Bsc honours in Biology and she had been accepted to medical school at McMaster, Ottawa, Dalhousie AND Western this past summer - no lie. She accpeted her offer to Western and is loving the program thus far. In having talked to her it seems that Windsor has prepared her very well for her first year of medical school and she has absolutely no regrets of having done her undergrad here : )
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