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Required Courses
All applicants must have completed Senior Level Math. BC High School applicants must have completed Principles of Math 12. While not a factor in the admissions decision, many students find that following a secondary school calculus course strongly enhances their performance in our first year Math course.

Greetings, I am currently a student in Grade 11, residing in Ontario. I am considering UBC as one of my alternative schools for undergrad. Their site states that I need Principles of Math 12. However, we do not have such a course in Ontario. We split our maths into 3 courses. Advanced Functions, Calculus/Vectors and Data Management are the 3 courses we are able to take.

Can anyone who is attending UBC or has been in my situation enlighten me on what prerequisites I need in order to qualify for this school?
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It's right on their website ;)


It says that the prerequisites for Ontario students wishing to apply for the Commerce program must have English 12 (ENG4U), Advanced Functions (MHF4U), and four other Grade 12 4U or 4M courses
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Ahh, thank you. Sorry, I must have been looking at the wrong site. It seems like admissions are much easier, as it doesn't list calculus/vectors as a pre-requisite unlike most schools here.
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