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A photo of Born2bakilla Born2bakilla
  Hello, I would like to apply to UBC and SFU My high school average marks between MATH 12 ENGLISH 12 CALCULUS 12 and economics 12 is 86%.

I realize that most of the programs start in september and that I am too late for that. My goal is to finish a bachelors commerce degree. Is it possible to start a commerce degree in january semester or would i have to wait until september 2012?

If I cant start business commerce in January then is it possible to start a program with a similar first semester and then transition into business for the next year?
For the admission average can I include both MATH 12 and CALCULUS 12?

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A photo of prmly prmly
Calculus 12 isn't provincially examinable so they don't look at it -- don't include it in your top 4 average calculation. You need 4 provincially examinable courses. I've heard, however, that they're making it an 'academic' course (along with Law 12 and Economics 12) meaning it'll be on the same tier as provincially examinable courses but that won't start until next year at the very earliest.

86% isn't high enough for UBC Commerce unless you have a superb, out of this world supplemental. A few friends with 90+% averages were rejected this year.

I don't know if you can enter the business program right away at SFU; however, you can enter in Arts in January and transfer to the business faculty next September.
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A photo of Zion Zion
I think SFU accepts people for winter term, but UBC doesn't. And yeah, Sauder has insanely high standards. My brother got rejected two years ago with a 95 average.
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A photo of Cuiter23 Cuiter23
They lowest mark I know of that got in SFU Business program this year is 88. You might have a chance with an exceptional supplemetal.
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