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UBC Admission Average?

A photo of RyanKO RyanKO
How high would I need to be GPA wise to be safe from getting cut this year?
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A photo of metro metro
Averages vary year to year....people with high 80's and a good optional supp got accepted.
A 90 + is on a safer side. Good luck!
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A photo of FuckingAllstar FuckingAllstar
Yeah what metro said. Idk about your school, but my grade is pretty smart I'm anticipating the cut-off this year to be around 94.
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A photo of willeh willeh
Lol cutoff at 94??? Ur kidding right? The person from UBC visiting our school this March said they had the highest admission average (or cutoff, can't remember) of 90% last year, and they think it will drop down to high 80's for the next few years.
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A photo of mikesong mikesong
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
It varies from year to year, but it's only going up every year.
Last year when I got in, the ABSOLUTE minimum was 90 to get in first round, but that would mean LATE registration date.
If you had 94+, it would be guaranteed admission.
If you have like 89-91 rage, with a good supplemental, you have a good chance, but maybe not first round.
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