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UBC admission confusion!

A photo of pokadotsable pokadotsable
i got accepted from my 2nd program a few weeks ago
but now they are asking me if i still want to be considered for my 1st choice
which i obviously do.. but this means i have to either reject or accept my 2nd program..
so i'm really confused...what am i suppose to do in order to still be consider for my 1st program..
yet i can still accept or decline my offer for my 2nd one

basically i still want to be considered for 1st program..
but if i dont make it i might or might not go for my 2nd program

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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
I totally see what you mean! Thankfully, it's UBC, so they'll be pretty understanding of your situation if you make the effort to make the phone calls, follow-up with their emails and all that good stuff.

I think the wording is key - "be considered". So basically they're saying are you ready to make a choice? Probably so they can fill the spot of whichever program you don't want, but just let them know you wish to be considered for both and are not prepared to make a decision yet. They can't force you to decide until June 1st, and this shows that they were just asking you in the event that you might be ready, where they would benefit from getting a head start of finishing acceptances.

Hope this helps!
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A photo of maex maex
Don't worry. I thought the same. I was admitted into my 2nd program before being admitted to my first. You don't have to accept/decline the 2nd program's offer to be considered for your 1st. UBC said on their facebook page that "your first choice will still be evaluated whether you accept or decline your second choice offer."

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