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UBC Admittance High School Grades

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Hi, I know this is really late but I just want to confirm an issue that I have. I am really confused by how UBC calculate the admission averages. At first, I thought UBC only takes the highest marks of each course (school mark or blended mark), but just yesterday I was told that UBC only does that for BC students (I am from Alberta). I was admitted using the grades sent in by my school and the marks posted on SSC are my high school marks (the ones that are higher). Now, if UBC uses the blended marks for Alberta students, my average will be lower than it was when I was admitted. Will they think I am lying about my grades? Because I have no idea which marks my school sent for me. Is there anyone who can confirm for me whether UBC takes the blended marks or is it whichever marks that is higher for non-BC students? Thanks.

(I certainly hope they don't revoke my offer. I will not be able to go to any universities if they do, because I only accepted UBC. Sigh..)
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UBC takes the higher mark, either blended, or school.
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