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So I heard that some korean and canadian students get to do an exchange program. I was wondering if anyone's been on an exchange and how you qualify for it? Thanks :)
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I think you have to do exceptionally well in terms of marks first year, and apply during first year in order to go 2nd year.
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Yep, sounds about right!
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I don't know about other universities, but since your thread title names UBC, I'll just tell you what I know about UBC's exchange program.

UBC Go Global info on Korean Universities: http://www.students.ubc.ca/global/learning-abroad/exchange/choosing-a-university-applying-to-go/partner-university-search/?country=KR

I'm currently in first year at UBC, and I'm planning to go on an exchange to Japan in my third year, so I've been doing a tiny bit of research on the application process. I heard that you have to first file an application thing (includes essays, grades, etc.) and you will have to go through interviews for the really competitive schools.
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