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UBC Applied Science (Engineering) Admission

A photo of aburma2b aburma2b
I applied to UBC Applied science and am really stressed if i will get in or not, on my application status right now it says they are interested in reviewing my supplemental application.
I have an average of 82.25% right now with 90 in Math 12, 88 in Physics 12, 80 in Chem 12 AP, and 71 in English 12. and I am from British Columbia (:
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A photo of mutuba mutuba
I'm not entirely sure so correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't heard of anyone getting into UBC Applied Science with a mark like 82.25%. My friend still has his supplemental under review with a 87% average.
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
85% here.. and still waiting, on my application updated today:
Your supplemental application is currently under review by the Faculty/School. We will notify you by email as soon as the faculty has made their decision.

Im nervous too =//
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A photo of prmly prmly
Best be praying to whatever god you believe in, friend. 82.25% is really low for UBC Applied Science -- my friend had a 91% average for Applied Science and he was worried as hell. I hope you have a great supplemental.

If you do get your offer, it'll be in late May -- after the kids who'll be attending Waterloo or SFU or wherever reject their UBC offers.
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