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A photo of mdhorner mdhorner
Hey all,

My application is on hold. " Based on the information you self-reported, you have not yet satisfied all requirements for this program. However, we will receive additional academic information from the Ministry of Education in mid-May, and we will re-evaluate your file at that time. Until then, your application to this program is on hold."

I have my Chem 12, Math 12, Physics 12, and English 12(88% course, 75% exam, grrr) marks submitted, my average is 87.75% after the provincial exam dragging me down. All im missing is my French 11 I think which was submitted this week and should be picked up by them on Monday. Would they have just rejected me? I have stated in my supplemental that I have been a Provincial and National MTB team member with countless national champ podiums, and also a Provincial Ski Cross team member with many awards and achievements.

What are my chances of being admitted when they pick up my French 11 mark?

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A photo of inyoface inyoface
Hi Max,

I think you have a very good chance of admission. If you still don't hear back from them next week, you may want to phone them to follow up on your application.
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