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UBC Applied Science(Engineering) Anyone?

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I'm so stressed out right now.
I have an average of 89-90%
I called UBC today and they said the cut off line for Applied Science in 2009 is 83%, 2010 is 86% and 2011 is 89%.:!:
If it increase by 3% per year then this year's cut off would be 92% which I don't think so,
So they said it might still be 89% this year because of the personal profile
Is anyone already got the offer from UBC now? If yes what's your average?
Do you think I can get in?
My Grades are:
Physics 12: 96% Interim
Chemistry: 99~97 Interim
Math 12: 94 Final
English 12: 71% :ncool:

It's nearly impossibru for me to get an A in English 12 since english is not my mother tongue :(

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