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UBC is taking forever

A photo of canucksfan canucksfan
I was wondering if anyone was still waiting for Sauder School of Business to accept/reject them. All my friends either got into Sauder or rejected from Sauder yet I am still waiting. Its starting to get a bit annoying cause i have been checking every day now for the last 3 weeks.
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I'm waiting too. Only 2 kids from my school got in as of now. One is planning on going to SFU Beedie though. Everyone else, like you and I, are in the same boat...pretty f*cking annoying...
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A photo of Justin604 Justin604
Still waiting to hear from UBC human kinetics. I guess the supplementals take a long time to look through.
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A photo of forthewinwin forthewinwin
You aren't the only one.

I have friends with shittier supplementals and lower grades and they've got in, but all my application has been saying for the last few is: "Your supplemental is under review by the faculty/school. We will notify you by e-mail when they've made a decision".
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
Still waiting!! grrrr i know so many people from here in alberta that already got in, getting frustrating...

on a side note, im done my ib examsss! =DD
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