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UBC or Queen's?

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I've already been admitted to Queen's Arts and waiting on UBC Arts. I am having a tough time choosing between the two, there are many pros and cons of each school and I can't seem to easily pick one over the other. Overall, which do YOU think is the better school and why? My ultimate educational goal is to go to grad school to pursue an MBA. Some factors I really emphasize are academic prestige, school spirit, social scene, etc. Please give me your opinion and reasons as to why you would pick one over the other as this will help me make a final decision.
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If you're serious about getting an MBA from a good business school, shouldn't you be doing your undergrad in commerce or accounting, not general arts?
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MBA programs tend to accept undergrads who hold a degree OUTSIDE of the business field. Just because someone has a BA, doesn't mean it becomes a disadvantage; the only prerequisites are a bachelor's degree, good grades, and good GMAT scores. Another thing is that I feel a BA program would be the best choice for me because I am HORRIBLE at math. If I were to pursue a BA instead of a BComm I would have a much higher likelihood of obtaining a high GPA.
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Hello (:
I am in a similar situation as you are
I was admitted to UBC Arts however, the Bachelor of Commerce program was my first choice... I was wondering if it would affect me greatly if I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts first instead of a BCom and then pursue a MBA
I always thought that I would have to be in a BBA or BCom program to do an MBA
I'm also terrible at math xD
Well Queen's school spirit is great, UBC has a Greek system which is great for those who really want to get involved (: (this is what I have heard from friends who are attending these universities...both of them are really enjoying their time at Queens and UBC)
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