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UBC question

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I am just wondering, where do people eat during lunch/dinner? I've seen Tim Horton's, but are there any cafes that serve hot meals?

How difficult it is to live on res if you are from BC?

Also, I am transferring as a Math/Phys student to the university, what advice can you give me?

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Any good there?
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The Student Union Building (SUB) has lots of options. If you are really looking for variety, just head out to Broadway.

What do you mean how difficult it is to live on rez? Do you mean you have a lower chance of getting a room assignment because you are in province?
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You would actually have a better chance getting rez if you are out of province, haha.
But with that being said, if you're not first year.. it's a lottery system, so it's by the luck of the draw.
As for food, there are tons of options on campus, but they all begin to taste the same after a while.
If you take the 99 bus, there are TONS of options on Broadway and downtown to choose from, but it does get pricey.
Depending on the type of rez, you may want to consider picking a place with ur own kitchen and cooking for yourself.

There aren't that many people in the Math/Physics program. I think there are about 200 something in Math altogether, and I'm not sure about Physics, but it's mostly male dominated. If you want more information, just send a private message my way. I'm a part of the Science Undergraduate Society council and we have representatives from both programs sitting on council, so I can send you their way if you'd like to know more. :)
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