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UBC Residence Question

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Hi, I just want to know if anybody has had experience or knows something about my current situation. I applied in December to UBC for the fall of 2011 along with my housing application, got accepted, and now was researching about the residence at UBC. I read about the first year gaurantee for residence in Totem and Vanier and the requirements for getting the first year gaurantee. I meet them all except for the fact that I graduated in 2010 not 2011 (I took a year off for athletic endeavours and to make some money). I asked the housing office and they said that I endeed am not eligible for the first year gaurantee for residence in Totem or Vanier and that I will be put on a waiting list and may get in if space opens up. I know that UBC opened up alot more beds in Totem for 2011 but I just want to know what the real chances of me are to get in to Vanier or Totem if I'm not a "pure" first year student. I am from Alberta and had like a 95% average when applying in December so I dont know if that gives me any leverage. If anybody attends UBC and knows about this kind of stuff any info would be appreciated as I really want to know if I can get into Totem or Vanier because I dont want to be in an evironment where everybody is older than me as I barely reach the age cut off for places like Gage Towers and such.

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