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UBC Residence?

A photo of ReDesign ReDesign
Assuming that I get accepted into UBC this year, I was wondering if it's worth the money to go into residence? I live around an hour away from UBC via transit and was contemplating whether to apply for residence or not. I already paid the $50 application for res just in case. Also, I'm not the "party" type or anything, though I believe UBC isn't known for many parties. Just looking for some feedback from students in residence, specifically from UBC.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Well, I'm currently in Richmond, which is about 1 hour away from UBC by transit as well.
I know one person who decided to live in rez while all the others decided to get there via transit and driving.
It's kind of inconvenient for him because when we need him for something, he can't just come out since he's living at UBC, so we always have to put stuff off for weeks to months on end.
If you can drive and have a car, I wouldn't live in rez.
Plus.. you get a UPass as part of your tuition, might as well use it.
If you don't sign up for like.. 8:30 classes, you should have plenty of time to get on campus.
You don't live all that far away from UBC, I don't think it's really worth it to pay an extra 6-8k.
I've heard about numerous parties at UBC, but mostly at the frat houses, but I'm sure there are going to be TONS in residences as well.
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
I'm 2 hours away, and planning on doing it. But, I'd be paying rent to my family if I didn't, anyway.
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I'm living on campus, and I live about an hour away from UBC by bus (and 30 minutes by car).

In terms of whether it's "worth it"... I personally believe the meal plan is NOT worth it. Even the minimum plan is terribly overpriced. The cafeteria food isn't repulsive, but I will guarantee that you will get tired of it. Most places in the SUB and places around campus will take your meal plan, too - I'd remember where these places are in case you're looking for variety. I recommend The Point Grill (at Marine Drive residence, between Totem and Vanier); the garlic fries are really good.

Vanier and Totem cafs sell similar food, but the general consensus is Vanier has better tasting food. The convenience store is especially overpriced, you'll know when you see the prices.

As for the buildings/rooms, Place Vanier has 2 relatively newer houses that cost a little more to live in, but it's not too bad. Totem Park will have 2 brand new buildings for the students coming in next year, which I think will also cost more. I can't really comment on how it looks, because it's still under construction. The rooms will be divided differently, according to the floor plans. Expect all the other buildings to be relatively old, and smelly when you move in.

I live in Totem Park right now. I'm not sure if it's because of the house I live in (Haida), but I personally did not find problems with excessive partying. There will be parties going on every Friday, which is expected from university students with freedom, but most people won't be doing any real work on a Friday evening anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. On the weekends, it's usually pretty dead because a lot of people go home over the weekend. And yes, I agree that most parties do happen at frats.
There are quiet hour policies enforced, so noise isn't a huge problem, unless your residence advisor isn't around to deal with it.

If studying ever becomes a problem, the residence commonsblocks have rooms, couches and tables that you can use to study.

I'd say single rooms > double rooms because I prefer having my privacy. Some people think the single room is small, and sometimes I felt like it was too, but I liked how cozy it was. Air circulation sucks though, and the heater is crappy. Mine was just an old knob that turned the vent open or closed. If you open the window, it can get cold really easily, and if you close it, it can get pretty warm. :S

I agree with the point about the U-pass, because I paid 95 dollars a term for it, but I don't utilize it fully like most commuter students. However I'm sure not all residence students do either. Sometimes I felt like it was a waste of money, but I did save a lot of money buying used books, so that kind of balanced it out for me. Maybe it won't work the same way for you.

Friends can be easily made as long as you're friendly and willing to initiate and knock on people's doors. There are usually campus and house events going on every few weeks, so if you're looking for something to do, and want to meet people, check them out. I remember trips to the anthropology museum, aquatic centre, downtown, floor dinners, brunch, ladies night, etc.

Hoped this helped :cheers:

EDIT: I paid around 7.4k for minimum meal plan and single room at Totem.
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