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UBC Sauder First Option? Or No...

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So I am probably going to UBC for my university next year, and I am deciding between Business and Science. My marks are at least in the low 90's so I think I have a pretty good chance in entering both faculties. My question is if I put down Business as my first choice and Science as my second choice, by the time they tell you whether you are accepted or not, do they tell you if you are accepted to both faculties? Or do they just tell you that you have been accepted to the first option and thus the second option was not even considered...

This is because I hear that Sauder only accepts about 300 people and Science accepts way more people in. So, I was thinking that I could maybe put down Sauder as my first choice just to see if I can get accepted because I am pretty sure that if you have the grades to make Sauder, you will probably be accepted into Sciences as well (since there's less competition). So, later on if I decide to go into Sciences, I can just refuse the Business offer, and take the second choice Science??? I can do this right??

This may sound a bit confusing but I just thought it would be smart for me to do this because I do not really see much of a career out of a Science Bachelors Degree. Please help me out!!! I am done the personal profile and all I need to do is pay and click submit button!!!

Thanks in advance!
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