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UBC sauder has bad job prospects!?

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Hi guys,

I've recently been admitted to UBC sauders, and I made a couple of friends from this years graduating cohort. Most of them told me that the job prospects r pretty bad, can anyone else verify this claim?

I heard that the only sauder graduates that get into Investment banking are those which were enrolled into the PMF programme (There is a catch to it). They select about 7 - 10 studentz each year from a cohort of approximately 400 finance students. In addition, other specializations within the commerce faculty could also compete for these placements. With that said, only less than 1% of their students would get such placements.

My seniors also told me tat the co-op programme/business career center is crap as the most you could get would be the nameless companies, and each time they hold a recruitment drive or a convention, the big names such as mckinze, goldman n ml do come onto campus, however, they don't recruit anyone.

Most of them told me that UBC sauders is a good business school, but they think its location is a huge disadvantage. With wallstreet and toronto in the east, so students from business schools in that area are more actively recruited.

As far as it goes, the people whom i have been speaking to were mainly finance/graduating students, could any other sauder alumni/graduates verify any of these details? Many thankz in advance!
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PM illuminati and ask him/her to look at this thread. I'm not sure if they come on anymore, but he/she seems to know the most about Sauder.
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My Observations:

For any student, finding work in an investment firm is extremely difficult. Banks especially look to hire overachievers and so they look at your cumulative GPA averages (3.6+/4.0), extra-curricular involvement, leadership abilities, and ability to deliver in the interviews.

Also noteworthy to mention that historically UBC tends to graduate a lower percentage of students in the finance specialization (16% in '09 and 21% in '10) compared to Schulich, Ivey, Queen's and McGill - ranging from 24-27%. Initially, the total number of students in IB may seem a bit underwhelming, but for a more effective measure I'd pay attention to the ratio of IB students hired to finance grads. Considering how successful UBC is in placing students with the world's top investment banks and consulting firms, I'd say they have a pretty impressive placement ratio comparable to some to some of the top b-schools (i.e: Ivey and Queen's) and that includes placements overseas. Also notice that there are more non-PMF students that were placed in BBs than PMF students from the linkedin data, and the list doesn't include SA/FT hires at RBC Capital Markets, TD Securities, BMO Capital Markets, Scotia Capital, Macquarie Group, CPP, etc.

Whether the majority of students are placed in Vancouver I don't know (though a significant amount move to Toronto), but some of the most common employers you'd find hiring finance grads with B/B+ averages are GE Capital, IBM, Telus, HSBC and BC Hydro. Trust me, it's not nearly as bad as your friends have stated.
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