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ubc self reporting

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for people who have already self reported, when u self reported english 12 mark did it ask for 'Gr 12 School %', 'Gr 12 Exam %', and 'Final %' or just one grade? if it asked for one grade did u submit the higher of the two (in school or blended)
The reason y im asking is because i havent received my report card yet but would like to know in advance.

It says

"Grade 12 courses:

* For English 12: please report the grades in each of the three columns marked 'Gr 12 School %', 'Gr 12 Exam %', and 'Final %' on your Ministry Printout. UBC will use the higher of your school or blended grade in your admissions average"

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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Did you already finish the course?
If you have, it won't show up on your next report card, you'll have to go on the ministry website and print out a copy of your unofficial transcript.
If you have, press "Ministry report" when you self report it
and the 3 columns will show up and you just enter the grades, respectively.
If you're taking it right now and it shows up on your report card.. just choose "report card," and there should only be 1 column saying Gr 12 School % or something like that, and just enter whatever shows up on your report card.
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