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UBC Supplemental Application

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So, I submitted my Arts supplemental application the other day, and I was just looking at the Application Status page, and it says in the "Choice #1" box:

The following is a list of items which we recommend that you submit and/or is information that may be of interest to you:

BSC Supplemental Application; Deadline: March 15
Academic criteria are the primary basis of admission for all applicants to UBC. However, the Faculty of Science may also consider your achievements and extra-curricular activities when making their decision regarding your qualifications and ability to succeed in their program. This form is available on the Student Service Centre under the Supplemental Applications link.

However, my first choice is for a Bachelor of Arts. Originally I was going to do the Science supplemental because my second choice is for a BSc, but I recently found out that you only have a chance at getting into the Science department if you put it as your first choice. Of course, it says the exact same thing as is quoted in the "Choice #2" box. Also, it no longer says anything in the "Choice #1" box about submitting a BA supp. app. (which makes sense, but also makes me think that it really does want the BSc supplemental considering it did register that I sent my BA supplemental application).
I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this is a mistake... Could it be specific to the program I applied to (Cognitive Systems)? I just don't want to fill out the supplemental if it turns out to be some sort of mistake and the application won't even be reviewed.
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I'd contact UBC directly. Where did you hear that you'll only be considered for Science if it's your first choice? I find that really hard to believe. They raise the bar, but it's not impossible. Otherwise, what would be the point...

And props for Cognitive Science/Systems. :bball:
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Contact them, but sometimes the admin screws up.

In mid-January, I called UBC to change my choices -- I had Commerce as my first choice and Arts as my second. I realized that I didn't want to go into Commerce (not at UBC, at least), so I told them to get rid of it on my application and leave Arts as my one and only option. 5 weeks later and my application still isn't updated and Commerce is still there at #1. I'm calling again tomorrow.
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