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UBC UNIVERSITY transfer for campus

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please help i have a very important question.
i just got accepted into ubc okanagan campus and i am taking all the required courses to transfer to ubc vancouver commerce. but i only have 24 credits becasue i am only taking 4 courses per semester in fall and i need 27 courses to transfer! i am planning to take a course in the summer.. will i be able to enroll into ubc vancouver in 2011 september fall? would it be a hard transfer? must be easier going from campus than a college to a university?
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Don't take a course in the Summer if you're aiming to get that 27 credits needed for transfer. I took a course, excelled in it; and unfortunately it wasn't looked at when reviewing my transfer application. It might be easier from UBCO to UBC Vancover but it all depends on your grades/supplemental application.

You should just take another course during the fall so you get 27 credits.. lol
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