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My average right now is 89.5 is there any chance of getting into general sciences?

my personal profile is alright, leadership, volunteer at library , grad council, and some other stuff.
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I got into UBCV general sciences with a 89.25% average but I believe I had a rather exceptional personal profile...

take a look at the quote below, Good luck !

@Ephemera wrote

3)That being said, unless you are in Commerce, don't rely on your personal profile weighing that heavily on the admission decision. They admitted that they are trying to work towards a 50:50 consideration on personal profiles/entrance averages in the future across all faculties - BUT NOT THIS YEAR. Only Commerce is doing that this year. If you have a 94%+ - you will have to have a TERRIBLE personal profile to not get an offer. So don't fret over not having a superior profile - this year if you have an average high enough there exists no boundary between mediocrity/superiority. (this does not hold true for future years when it will be 50:50)

4)They also have expressly told us about competitive average ranges as follows:
Average in the 70s or lower: you will NOT receive an offer no matter how amazing your personal profile is
Average in 80-85: you will be considered for SOME programs and the rest depends on the competitive averages of the applicant pool and your personal profile
Average in 86+: you will be considered for ALL programs and the rest depends on the competitive averages of the applicant pool and your personal profile

That being said these are just the MINIMUM average ranges in order to be considered. Expect the actual program averages to be 3-4% higher. And don't rely too heavily on your personal profile. Realistically, you will NOT beat out a student with 93% average with an "okay" personal profile if you have an 86% average with an "exceptional" personal profile. To reiterate again, the above scenario will change in the upcoming years as they move more towards broad-based admission. But not this year.

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