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UBC vs. Queen's

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Overall, which is the better school and why? I have applied for the BA program at both schools, my final goal is to go to grad school for an MBA. I am torn between these two schools and assuming I were to receive admission for September, which should I pick? Some factors I really emphasize are academic prestige, school spirit, social scene, etc.
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Both are great schools! UBC has more of an international reputation, but Queen's is always at, or near the top of the list in Maclean's Canadian University Ratings. You can't go wrong with either on that front. I would say Queen's has more school spirit because of it's unique school traditions (the Oil Thigh and the Grease Pole)...also because it is smaller and less of a commuter school. In terms of social scene, Queen's always has great parties in the student ghetto....but UBC has Vancouver, the ocean and the mountains!
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It will not matter for your future goals of an MBA. So just pick the school you like the best.
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