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UBCO social life?

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Im a student from the US and I will be going to UBCO in the fall to study molec,cell, developmental bio (im premed). I wanted to know what the social scene and party scene is like at UBCO?

Ive heard some things about Kelowna such as its a predominantly middle aged person white city where people are conservative and racist towards others which im not sure is true?

I will be transferring into my third year there and since its kind of a small campus, im wondering how hard it would be for an international student to fit in socially since I would not know anyone there?

My last universities ratio was 7guys/3 girls. It was absolutely brutal, what is ratio here if anyone knows?

This is a pretty stupid question but w/e. I know the place isn't really known for its diversity but being Indian im curious as to if any of us are over there (I have a thing for hot Indian chicks…..cultural upbringing I suppose) and what the general diversity is like in the small population that isn't white over there?


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