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A photo of ceeaytee ceeaytee
Hey everyone!
I was just wondering if any of you guys know how UBC/SFU gives out their decisions..
I heard that UBC only accepts 30% of their applicants during april-June and 70% of applicants June-August. Is that true? And idk about SFU..can someone tell me!?!?! i'm so scared!

My marks are terrible right now and i'm trying to aim for a 86% by the end of June to go into Arts. Do you think I will get in? I'm scared there will be no more space left. And if i have 80% avg with a good supplimental, do you think they will accept me in April?
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A photo of moodeline moodeline
I got into UBC the other day. Only IB students are admitted so far (I think). They start handing out acceptances for non-IB students on April 20th. And I think the last acceptances are at the beginning of June? I don't know about % wise, but most people I know of have always heard one way or another by the beginning of June.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Are you from BC?
If so, they start giving out acceptances late April.. April 20th is the first day of acceptances from what I've been told.
And it is true that a lot of people get very late acceptances.
I know of people who didn't get accepted until after they graduated and school ended, so I wouldn't be surprised.
SFU gives them out on an on going basis, although they sometimes give out a lot on the same day, but they're not like UBC.
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