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uft mechanical engineering

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ok so i love chemistry and biology, fine ive applied to mechanical engineering at uft.
now what i want to know is that is it really a good option to do chemical engineering? i heard its hard compared to mechanical, i dont like mech eng. but i took it coz u will be more broad in engineering. if a person doesnt like it will he learn to like mech enginerring? is it interesting? i have to switch before feb 4 so also if anyone is at uft engineering pls help me out ::(
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Change to chemical if you like chemistry and biology from my understanding chem eng is rooted more in both of those sciences. In terms of difficulty all engineering degrees are hard. They are even harder if you dont enjoy what you studying. Therefore IMO you should switch. Chem eng is still fairly broad your not closing any doors. Mech engineering deals with how things work. If you think learning about how things work is cool then you'll probably enjoy mech. Worst case scienario you switch out of chem into something else. But honestly i recommend you go to queens or another school with general engineering.
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You could also apply for TrackOne if your grades are good enough and it isn't too late already.
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