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Undeclared Engineering

A photo of addy17 addy17
Hey Guys
I applied to 6 universities: McMaster (Undeclared), U of T (Track One), Waterloo (Management Engineering), UOIT(Energy Engineering), York(Undeclared), Carleton(Undeclared)
I was wondering with my current average of 82% can i get into any undeclared courses. Aren't undeclared supposed to be lenient since the student is still undecided?

Please answer as soon as possible?
I have a 70% in eng
I have a 81% in Adv Func
I have a 93% in religion
and calculus, chemistry and physics are next semester?
Please answer asap?
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
With an 82%, Trackone and Waterloo are pretty much out of the question, sorry :/ Trackone usually accepts kids with high 80s-low 90s ish, so 82% is a long way off...I'm not sure about exactly numbers for Management Engineering, but I'd imagine the lowest range is mid-80s...if you can get it up to even 85% you should have a much better chance a Waterloo, but still not a good one.
You should be fine for the rest though.
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