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Undergrad courses before Nursing (at U of T)

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This question goes out for all those who have been accepted into U of T Nursing. What courses did you take prior to getting into the program? I'm thinking of applying for it (since I'm currently a U of T student) but I'm still undecided as to what courses would be a good preparation for the nursing courses. I have taken all the prerequisite courses but still deciding how important Chemistry is or if it is relevant or even use at all.

Your responses would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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If you take anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pathology, psychology it would mean you have to take less courses while you're doing nursing.
Personally I'd say don't waste your time taking university level chemistry when all you need is a 4U level, I think it would cause too much stress - maybe take bio though.

Call the nursing program coordinator at your school and find out what courses they take there for nursing, and take whatever you can to get them out of the way!
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