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Undergrad Decision Making

So I'm looking to hopefully go into medicine in the future and I'm having some trouble deciding on an undergrad. I'm interested in the sciences (more bio and chem than physics). 
So far, i really enjoy these:

Western- Med Sci
McMaster-  Med Sci (I don't know if this exists, the process is really confusing to me on the website) 
Guelph- Bio-Med 
Uni of Ottawa- Biomed science (LAST RESORT)

Anyone give me some insight on some of these programs, or recommend me other similar ones for the same uni or different unis (preferably in Ontario) 
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I think you meant McMaster's Health sci program which is incredibly competitive (the supplementary application really matters! although my friend had a 98 average, her app wasn't the best) so I'm assuming you have a high average if you are considering it. From what I know about McMaster's Health sci program, most students are accepted into med school than life sci kids (they have 10% chance, I believe) which is why it is such a difficult program, but I know that it is the best program out of the ones you have chosen since it really sets you up for med school. However, since you want to pursue medicine, McMaster's Life sciences program will allow you to specialize in pharmacology and medicine related majors which I'd recommend over the Health sci program since students apply to it with the hopes of becoming a doctor.
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normally "pursue medicine" means "try to become a doctor", in which case, like you said, Health Sci at Mac is the best option. You're probably thinking more along the lines of "medical science", where the classes/labs in Life Sci will generally be more beneficial than the the specificity that comes with Health Sci
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Med school admissions have a less than 10% acceptance rate in Canada (even lower numbers if you're an Ontario resident). So, my question is what's your backup plan? What are you hoping to do with a science degree if you don't get into medical school?
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Maybe physical therapy, haven't really thought of what I'd do with an undergrad degree on it's own. I'm very open to moving to the states for med school as I know it's a lot less competitive and a little easier.
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