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Undergrad school vs. Med school

A photo of GiGi0194 GiGi0194
Hi, I am planning on getting my Bachelor of Science and apply to med school. My question is, does it really matter what school one goes to get their undergrad? What does med school look for?
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A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
This is the dreaded question for which I have no firm answer on.

People that said yes:
* My guidance counsellor (one of them)
* My tutor

People that said no:
* Three MD students at UofT SG medical school
* One of the guidance counsellors
* UofT SG admissions officer who visited our school and who I discussed the topic with personally
* My orthodontist
* My supply teacher
* My chemistry teacher
* My calculus teacher
* Most medical school admissions webpages outline that they don't judge a individual based upon their undergrad degree - I forgot which university admissions officer also stated in a video that they can't do that, because that would be a bad way to do business

So based on the number of people that said no, I would assume, no it does not matter where you do undergrad. The only thing that matters really is that certain universities are more difficult than others. I know and have heard from TOO many people that UofT SG life science is a slaughter house. Many people fail first year because the tests are insanely difficult. The three MD students at UofT were from uOttawa and one from Queen's. They all said that go to somewhere easy because it's all about marks - have fun, study hard, do ECs, and you should be fine (just don't go to UofT).

Based on these statements, I am deciding on whether I should go to Brock or Guelph.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
No it doesn't matter
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