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Undergraduate B.ed or B.A?

A photo of Linday19 Linday19
To become a teacher do you need both your B.ed and B.A? Or can you become a teacher with just a B.ed? At McGill they have an undergrad program offering just a B.ed without a B.A.
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A photo of ChristaJones ChristaJones
For becoming a successful teacher, it's necessary to have B.Ed. along with a bachelor's degree in any other stream. Mostly colleges provide a B.Ed. degree after B.A only. There isn't much scope in teaching line, if you aren't having a bachelor's degree. So I would suggest that just go through the college's prospectus once more, and check with the schools nearby you, whether they provide any such position for B.Ed without a B.A.
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A photo of Phoebzter Phoebzter
Where are you from, Linday? I'm under the impression that different provinces have different requirements to get your teaching certificate.
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A photo of Fawlkes Fawlkes
Hi Linday, I'm a Con-Ed student at Queen's so I'm fairly familiar with degree and teaching requirements. In answer to your question, the B.Ed program at McGill should be viewed as the equivalent of teacher's college, something to be completed after a B.A or B.Scn. Though I don't know the specific's of McGill's program, I'd be willing to be that an undergraduate degree is a prerequisit for the program. If you are interested in teacing grade 7 or higher, you need to have teachables, subjects that you specialized in. Esentially, your undergraduate major. And if you are interested in grades k-6, there are still prerec courses you will need during your undergraduate before you can do a B.Ed or teacher's college, such as psychology. So in short, no, you can't become a teacher with just a B.Ed. (Note: there is an exception if you want to teach something like auto mechanics, I'll save you the specifics unless you want them)
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A photo of BryanaButlar BryanaButlar
Teaching has become very popular choice of career for a wide range of skilled and talented people. Teaching is a rewarding profession in more ways than one, offering fantastic career prospects and development opportunities in addition to competitive financial benefits.
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