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Undergraduate Bio-Medical Sciences @ Guelph

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For those who are currently attending this program, will be this fall, or have already taken it:

Could you tell me if it's true that the students have an opportunity to actually dissect human cadavers? (I'm really interested in this!)
I'd also like to know a bit more about the program from the inside; your opinions on classes and students, professors, course-load, co-op opportunities, etc.

Thank you!
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A photo of bonafide603207 bonafide603207
I'm not in the program, but I have a friend who is a second year. HE LOVES IT! I don't have more details sorry.
He's the reason why I applied.

and Yes the cadaver course is available/mandatory (not sure which) in 3rd year!!!!
It's super exciting and quite scary at the same time...
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