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Undergraduate Question -Mcmaster /Guelph

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Hi There ,

I am planning to go to Australia for my medical degree once I'm done with my undergrad degree here. Most Australian Uni's accepts applicant with 3 year completed degree . My question is if I end up in Mcmaster Life Science or Guelph Biomed (where both are 4 year degrees) ,what do I need to do to complete in 3 years OR do I apply to other basic General Sc degrees ??

Any insight would be appreciated?
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Guelph has a three-semester system, meaning that the summer semester from May-August is a regular semester, just like all the other ones. If you take courses every summer you could complete your degree in three years instead of four. You might get burned out from taking courses year-round however, but it is an option. I do know some people who are taking a couple of courses this summer while working either full or part time.
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I'm pretty sure you can graduate in 3 years with a BSc at Mac, you just wouldn't graduate with honours since you don't do a thesis in 4th year; but you have to make sure you have no other mandatory 4th year courses remaining aside from thesis. In Mac health sci, we can graduate in 3 years (without honours) because our only mandatory 4th year courses are thesis and peer tutoring (which you can be exempt from if you're graduating).
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You could go to Guelph for biomedical sciences but switch to biological sciences in first year and do a general degree in biological sciences which is three years. Austrailian medical schools won't care where you went for your undergraduate degree... :D
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