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Univ of Tornto or Univ of Brit Columbia??

A photo of mandeepthebest mandeepthebest
hello everyone
which is the best university for chemical engineering in Canada??
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A photo of SKHL SKHL
Both the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia are great schools. I had a tough time deciding between U of T, UBC or McGill myself (albeit not in the same field). With that being said, I would argue that U of T and Waterloo probably have the best Chemical Engineering programs in Canada. There are multitudes of research opportunities that you can get involved in here, the academic rigour is challenging but very rewarding and the professors I hear are great.

With that said, often I feel the decision between U of T and UBC should be geography over anything else. Is there a city (or region) of Canada in particular that you want to be in? Both U of T and UBC are fantastic schools, and I would base the final decision on living and life factors!
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
Also at UBC you have a general first year, meaning you can switch into any stream of engineering after first year, so you're not stuck with chemical if it turns out you don't like it.
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