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Univ of Western Ontario :S

A photo of JKim21 JKim21
My first choice was Social Science BMOS
and my second choice was Social Science Economics...
Can I get into any of the two choices with a 81 average?
I'm currently updating my (interim) marks at the moment through Surrey Connect....
So my average will probably go up.
Also, I heard that UWO considers final marks when making their decisions if I don't get accepted right now... is that true?
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2 replies
A photo of beyondsection17 beyondsection17
I'm pretty sure the social sci absolute cut-off last year was 83%ish. But it depends on the year and the applicants. Hold out hope, and raise your mark by finals. But I don't know.
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A photo of beaubeau beaubeau
It's definitely in the low eighties. Since your mark is cutting it close, you'll have to be patient.

Good luck!
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