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Universities and Repeated Courses

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I recently just received my report card for summer school ENG4U and only got an 82. My teacher was a crazy hard marker, and no one in my class seemed to do well. My grade 11 average was 89, even with a 75 in Chem. I was hoping for a higher mark in English (around 90) because I plan on applying to some of the top business schools. (Queen's, Ivey, etc.)

If I decide to take this course again first semester, and finish with a much higher mark, will this affect my chances of getting in? Is it less likely to be accepted because I will have taken English again?
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Some programs will only consider first attempts (Rotman Commerce at UTSG is one of them), but if they do, they will specify. If not, it won't greatly alter your chances of being accepted. That said, you can expect a vast majority of programs to give priority to those who haven't repeated a final year course. It depends on what you apply to.
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