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Universities' method of taking in students.

A photo of utkarsh utkarsh
Hi, I'm in grade 12 and I'm applying to the courses listed below.

From many people, I've heard different stories about universities and the strategy they use to accept students in. Some told me that they look at your supplementary and academic records equally, others say its your academics that weigh the most. Some even told me that Schulich have rejected students with high 90's and waterloo with mid-90's mainly because they don't have a strong extra-curricular background

So yeah, I'm scared for the fact that I only came to canada in the 2010 fall season and i haven't been able to build my extra-curricular background much because I was too busy settling down and trying to get used to the Canadian standards to learning. (Yes, its completely different from asian countries)

Here are my marks for this semister; (If that may help solve the question I'm asking) december break, not final marks.

Chemistry : 91%
Religion : 87%
Data Management : 95%
Advanced Functions : 99%

English (summer school) : 81%

I do not want to know my chances of getting in. I just want to know how the universities take in their students.
Please provide info on any of the main universities, especially on the ones I've applied to.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you :)
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A photo of jelly jelly
It depends on the school/program. The stories you heard were probably hugely exaggerated. Schulich is pretty much known for taking anyone above a certain average. Some programs don't even have a supplementary application, like McMaster Engineering. Some schools, who weigh supplementary applications very heavily (usually business schools) will prefer students with lower grades but much stronger involvement/leadership. Pretty much, based on what I've heard: Waterloo isn't huge on ECs but they are taken into consideration. There's no way you'll get rejected with incredibly strong academics, but ECs can help you a lot. U of T is a bit more academically focused I think. McGill and McMaster don't care at all I'm pretty sure. Schulich will take people above a certain cutoff, and consider taking strong-EC applications under that cutoff, but will still have a lower requirement for consideration. It was something like 90 to be considered, and above 92 you'd be in for sure last year. Queens is big on ECs.
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A photo of utkarsh utkarsh
McMaster don't have supplementary requirement? Wow, that sounds hard to believe.

Thanks a lot, friend.
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A photo of chatmike chatmike

@utkarsh wrote
McMaster don't have supplementary requirement? Wow, that sounds hard to believe.

Thanks a lot, friend.

Yup yup. They don't give two carps about supp apps. Which was absolutely lovely for me when i applied last year -_-. During high school i was involved in EVERYTHING, and my excuse to my parents was "Don't worry! it'll look great for university!" while they all moaned and groaned i should be spending more time on grades.

I get to the Mac open house and ask about admission averages and i find out i'm gonna be close to the cut-off (or so i thought at the time) so i ask a question knowing my dad was listening so i could get him off my back, "Well, extra-curricular activities mean a lot, right?", all of which was meant to support my argument and the lady turns to me and says "it means absolutely squat, all we care about is marks". So i sadly tucked my head down and felt defeated LOL.

At the same time though Mac's admission average is usually on the lower end of the engineering schools in ontario, so i guess if you don't have extra-curriculars you don't have to worry.
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A photo of utkarsh utkarsh
Wow shucks, if you were really going into McMaster for engineering then It hurts to be in your position, mate :)

P.S - Am I dreaming, or did you get early into Waterloo for mechanical? D:
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Well i was actually planning on going to mac! So that blew pretty hard haha, i got in without the supp app regardless, but still that was pretty lame.

And yup, i did get early acceptance to UW for Mech.
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