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Universities needing a NON SCIENCE and NON MATH course?

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I have been planning to drop my accounting course due to a pretty hard semester (chem, physics, accounting and calc, where physics isn't exactly my forte). However, I have heard that there are some universities that require you have a non math, non science course. Could anyone confirm this? I've checked einfo but I haven't seen anything. I'm planning to go into science.

And also, for your top 6 courses, do you get to choose them (besides the required courses) or is it automatically calculated when they get your transcript?

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Other than ENG4U as required in all programs, I don't remember seeing such a requirement.
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As far as I know, I think McMaster Health Science program requires you to take a non-math or non-science elective and they take it under the top 6 calculation. So yeah, if you gonna apply for Health Science @Mac then watch out for the non-math or sci credit. :compress: Hope I helped :)
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