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University admission, advise needed.

A photo of Paridhi Paridhi

I'm a student in Alberta. I want to apply to UT, UBC, UofA, or Queens.
I've had good marks this semester so far, I have Bio 20IB, Calculus, French 20, and SS 30-1.
Today I had a bio exam. It didn't go as well as I wanted, but I have yet to receive my mark.
I predict that after the exam my overall mark would drop to about 80.
I'm freaking out, I don't know what to do. I don't want to be rejected from university because of this one test.
This is only test on my first report card, but I still have a lot of tests and quizzes left still.
Should I be overly stressed? Because I am. And I need guidance.
Also, for the universities mentioned above, do I HAVE to apply in novemeber (because then only my first report marks will be sent)?

Please help. I really don't want this test to decide such a major part of my education, especially when I know I can do so much better.
I'm doing fine in all the other classes, I believe that I will have a cumulative avg of about 85 on the first report card.

I am very involved, and have a job as well.

Oh, btw I wish to apply into Biology.

Thanks. Any replies are appreciated.
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
I guess the first thing to clarify is that when you send in your application in say November/December, it is only for early acceptance (which is conditional anyhow). If you do no get early acceptance they will still look at your later grades when doing their final round of acceptances. Since you are a student in Alberta, one test at this point of the year is quite a small portion of your overall grade(diplomas/IB). I would imagine it's less than 10%. Even if you only got 60% on it, you're losing less than 4% of your final grade. It's a warning sign, not a disaster.

P.S if you check acceptance averages at U of A you will most likely be fiiine.
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A photo of jabberparrot jabberparrot
I'm from AB looking to go to UBC as well :)
Don't worry at all! Are you in grade 12 or 11? You said you were in Biology 20, so I'm assuming grade 11? You will be just fine, don't even worry about one simple test. Your Biology 30 marks will most likely matter much more than 20. Don't stress! Just work hard this year.
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