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A photo of Madhawakolonna12 Madhawakolonna12
Grade 11 marks and pretty bad.

Grade 12 marks:

English: 70
Calculus: 90
Advanced Functions: 74
Physics: 86
Chemistry: 91
Computer Science: 85
Biology: 83

I applied to:
McMaster Engineering Co-op
Waterloo software engineering
Waterloo Computer science (Co-op)
UofT Computer Science (Co-op)
Ryerson Computer Science Co-op

Which of these programs do you think i can get into with my average?

Need Help!

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4 replies
A photo of leah93 leah93
I know nothing about these programs, but I would guess based on the schools, that you would probably be accepted to Ryerson. But again I don't really know for sure. The other schools and programs seem to me that they would be highly competitive, so it all depends on if your competition has better marks then you. But good luck and hope you get in where you want to :) Only time will tell ;)
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A photo of saber33 saber33
How do you get 90 in Calc and 74 in Adv. Functions?
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A photo of paulliwali paulliwali
I would assume those marks aren't bad for any of those, maybe a little grey for UofT and Waterloo but as long as you got some ECs and participated in Waterloo's contest waterloo should be fine as well
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Lol it's possible.
That happened to me.
I got 74 in Adv Functions.. or Math 12..
but I'm getting 15%+ better in AP Calc hahah.
They're so unrelated and calc is so much easier in my opinion.

You won't need to use ALL those marks I don't think..
Only your top 6.. including English, Math, and Calc prob..
82.7% average.. so around 83...
I have no idea about any of the programs you applied to but I would say you have a decent chance at U of T as well as Waterloo, not too sure about Mac though.
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