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University choices- help will be appreciated!

A photo of kendoboy85 kendoboy85

I'd like to ask for your insights about the universities I'm currently considering for Bcomm accounting. The universities are:

Ottawa university - bcom accounting coop
Carleton university - bcom accounting coop
Brock university - bacc no coop
Dalhousie university - bcom coop

My goal is to become CGA or CMA. I'm 25 years old and was working in minimal jobs.. I decided to go to university and pursue for professional careers. I've recently applied to these universities because of its smooth admission requirements and co-op options. I strongly believe getting into co-op program will be dramatically beneficial to me.

Currently I only received the offer of admission from Brock bacc no coop so far. The others are still pending in process. I've heard a lot of good things about Brock bacc but only when it's with co-op. What do you think of regular program? As well as the other universities listed above?

Could you guys please give some help? Any comments will be very valuable and appreciated.

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A photo of kendoboy85 kendoboy85
Any inputs will be very appreciated!
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A photo of caveman caveman
Well if you can get into Brock co-op, I would suggest you go there. It's the one that stands out from the crowd.

Otherwise, I would recommend a co-op program. Co-op will allow you to gain good work experience. None of these programs are "name brand" programs, so it's the co-op that makes them winners (with Brock's accounting-focused co-op the winner), so the regular programs don't offer as much. I would stay away from Dalhousie if possible, as it will be better to try and work in Ontario and then you don't have to try and deal with the cross-province institute requirements and all of that.

Aside from Brock, you're looking at minimal differences between Carleton and Ottawa. Ottawa was previously the better school but Carleton's been coming along. They're both accredited by the CMAs (so is Brock btw).

Other than that, compare costs, location, campus feel, w/e and just go with whatever one feels right.

I hope this helps, and best of luck!
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A photo of kendoboy85 kendoboy85
I really appreciate your kind inputs, Caveman.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get into Brock bacc co-op program. It was very unfortunate but I'm still waiting for either Ottawa or Carleton university.

Yes, I think I shouldn't have applied to Dalhousie, I simply applied to there after I heard they are decent school and have mandatory co-op. I was very confused and devastated since I do not have a high school diploma and had to apply as a mature student. Therefore, most of 'good brand name' schools weren't in my considerations since their admission requirements are tough.

I thought of enrolling into CGA and then start from there, however, I figured that it'd be really tough and time consuming, not to mention of its costs also.

Thanks again, Caveman.
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A photo of greatwallpaul greatwallpaul
Props on you for going back to school. Not an easy thing to do but life will always reward your efforts!

And I second Brock....the account program is fabulous there!

Good luck in all your pursuits brother!
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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
Agreed with Greatwallpaul! Kudos to you!

Living in Ottawa, OttawaU is far better than Carleton for Business. Their program is of much higher calibre.
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A photo of kendoboy85 kendoboy85
Thank you very much for your kind inputs,Kareemy and greatwallpaul! Helped me a lot!
I'm nervously waiting for UOttawa's admission decision! I'm crossing my fingers!

By the way, Kareemy, would you mind if I can ask a question?
Since I'm not much of french speaker, rather say.. zero knowledge, will it be much trouble for me to stay focused and enjoy campus life maybe? I've never been to Ottawa yet.

Anyways, thanks a lot guys! I appreciate your time!

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A photo of SBT SBT
I'm currently an accounting student at Carleton University, and I will soon be graduating, so maybe I can give you true insight!

I actually got accepted to Brock Accounting with Co-op, Ottawa U with Co-op, along with many other universities, but I chose to go with Carleton! (Didn't apply to Dal).

I didn't think this when I was in high school, but if you are in accounting, it does not really matter where you go to University. You can be successful at any of the universities you mentioned. The biggest question is, where would you feel most comfortable?

Carleton and Ottawa U are both good schools for accounting. The only thing is, if you go to one of these schools, expect to get your first job after graduation in Ottawa. Would you want to live in Ottawa?

I can't speak for Ottawa U, but I really enjoyed my experience at Carleton. If you pick your classes properly, there are a few amazing professors for accounting. If you are interested in the CMA, the lead instructor of the accelerated CMA program actually teaches at Carleton. I have also met a lot of successful mature students in Accounting at Carleton, so you will not be discriminated against! In terms of the co-op program, it is nothing to write home about, as you have to do most of the work to get a job yourself.

If you have any specific questions about Carleton, I would be happy to answer them!
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A photo of kendoboy85 kendoboy85
I really appreciate your true insight, SBT! and also congratulations to your upcoming graduation!

I, in fact, applied to Carleton a few days ago after I found out that it is a decent university. So, I really don't have much information, heck, I don't even have a temporary student number or anything yet.
But I believe Carleton will help me to achieve my goal for sure!

SBT, do you mind if I could ask what is your goal after upon graduation (designations) and have you already gotten some kind of job offers?
Sorry if these questions are too personal and uncomfortable..

And also, you mentioned that I will be doing the most of the works to get a job in co-op. Could you explain what the Co-op option? office does and what benefits to the student? I just have an idea that co-op option allows students to have a working experience while doing academics. But I'd be very appreciate if you could explain how the co-op option actually helps student and its mechanism, maybe.

Once again, Thanks a bunch, SBT and I wish you the best for your school and life!
Any further comments/advice will be very very appreciated!
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A photo of SBT SBT
I sent you a PM, check it out!
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