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University College @ U of T or Western?

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First I'm not gonna let partying get in the way of studying.
So For U of T can you switch colleges after being admitted? I got into UC, what's the "social scene" like there? Is it true there's no fiestas? Are the people chill? Is it EASY to meet people and find parties because I'm really not the type to have any success in looking! What's the best college?
Plus I wanna go to law school, is it true U of T marks really hard and makes it harder to get into grad school or do they consider you went to U of T?
Then how does it compare to western? I hear that Western is really conservative, true or not? I know the social stuff is the gr8 but I've heard a lot of the people are preppy, 'bros', jocks, etc...true or no true?
Lotsa questions but mostly I wanna know about what residence is like at u of t, I'll study but can I have a good time as well? THANX :cheers:
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