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A photo of markjay markjay
Hi guys!!

I am going to UBC this fall and I am going to study Science since I am planning to get into medical school. Last week, I got my AP Exam result and fortunately, I received 5's in all. Last night, I was reading some university student blogs about the difficulty of first year biology. Since I am not focusing into Ecology, Marine Invertibrates and Evolution, is it a good decision skipping BIO 121 and BIO 140? Also, I am planning to take second year biology and an elective. Is it worthwhile? Am I be feeling lost if I start to take second year bio because I didnt have the experience from first yeat courses? And should I take these courses since they are prerequisites for medical schools.

Thanks for the help guys:cheese:
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A photo of uncharted1111 uncharted1111
If you feel like you're ready for second year bio you might as well skip intro bio. I did a similar thing at my school and I was pretty happy with my decision.
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A photo of markjay markjay
Thanks! I think I am going to skip it. However, my only concern will be some medical schools (I think majority are US med schools)won't take the Advanced Placement results.
Anyway, thanks a lot!! :) :) :)
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A photo of uncharted1111 uncharted1111
Just take a year of upper-level bio then you'll be good for US med schools. If you've done well enough in bio so far, you might as well take more classes in it since you obviously show interest in the subject.
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