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University gyms

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I workout a lot and when school starts, I'll probably cancel the membership I have at my gym to save money. However, some universities have a gym so I can still workout but I want to know how well equipped they are, squat rack,lot of plate, bench,cardio machines ect.

I applied to UoFT,Waterloo,Ryerson and Mcmaster, so I mainly want to know what their gyms are like.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Mac has a decent gym imo. Great indoor track (I'm not a runner but runners seem to really like it), lots of studio space, pools, squash courts etc. The Pulse has 2 levels, first floor is free weights, machines, climbing wall, etc and second floor is circuit training and cardio machines (I've never had to wait to use a cardio machine). It's pretty well equipped and not too expensive. $63 for one semester membership and $119 for 2 semesters (tax already included).
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A photo of Alliyah2090 Alliyah2090
Depending on what school your attending... gym's at schools tend to be overpacked and having wait periods.
So i kept my own personal gym membership which i love, it also has free classes with it and its female only. I don't have to worry about sweating(looking gross) and getting distracted by nice arms and abs haha.
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